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What is FlyBoarding?

Flyboarding is the coolest new sport of this decade!
With a Flyboard, a rider is able to experience the feeling of flight through the use of water pressure.

Strapped into a board, with all the necessary safety features including a life jacket and helmet, the water jet lifts the rider into the air. This is done through a 10m pipe that is connected to a jet-ski which pumps water into the board thus lifting it higher. The jet-ski engine supplies the power to pump water and into the board. The instructor will be on the jet-ski controlling the pressure.

It's safe & easy, no experience needed!

This sport is for all ages and physical abilities.
Complete safety and training will be provided on site.

Within minutes, our certified instructors will have you airborne and experiencing controlled flight. Join FlyBoarding Toronto on Lake Simcoe today and make your dream of flying come true! This will be an indescribable experience, the likes of which you have never had before!

Are you ready to be amazed?

Try this thrilling water sport now

Torontonians can now try this unique sport, flying up to 30ft into the air while twirling, flipping and doing other cool tricks! Our location is conveniently situated on Lake Simcoe, just an hour drive from Toronto. We are also mobile! We can come to your dock or waterfront and bring the experience to your party or corporate event.


Are you ready to take flight? Flyboarding is much easier than you might think. Our certified instructors will have you hovering mid air in minutes.


Flyboarding is a unique and unforgettable idea for a corporate event or to have at a party. Our group packages can be customized to suit your needs.


Have you ever dreamt of flying like a superhero or diving like a dolphin? Dive in an out of the water, and fly like Ironman. It is safe, thrilling and anyone can do it.

Get out of your
Comfort Zone

Don’t spend your summer days going through the old routines.
Reinvigorate yourself with something new and exciting!

Best Customer Service

We are determined to be to give top customer satisfaction in Toronto, by providing one-of-a-kind training, in an environment unparalleled by any other.

A Unique Experience

Be at the fore-front of new developments in the world of sport! We provide a unique environment close to Toronto, offering a private waterfront on Lake Simcoe.

An Awesome Gift Idea

Flyboarding is a gift idea like no other! Give the gift of flight and exhilaration that won’t be soon forgotten. Gift certificates available for individuals or group parties.

Get the ultimate FlyBoarding experience near Toronto

The best conditions to learn flyboarding

Dreams of flying become a reality with FlyBoarding Toronto! Located on Lake Simcoe with our own private water front, we are the first in the area offering the sport so close to Toronto. Our instructors offer safe training to get you started and getting hooked on flyboarding.

Our headquarters provide the best conditions for the sport including a private boat launch, change rooms, showers and washrooms. Our spacious and luxury waterfront is suitable for any large group parties and corporate events.

Wakeboarding and jet-ski activities are also provide. These can be included into customized packages. Inquire about your party today!


  • Flyboarding is so easy to learn!
    You just balance on the board and the water pressure brings you up, letting you fly over the water. Big thanks to the guys at FlyBoarding Toronto for their great instruction and patience.

    Mike S.
  • It took me just a few minutes to learn how to flyboard!
    Wow, this is an amazing experience, can’t wait to try it again.

    Jennet C.